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Logo for a mobile multiplayer strategy game.

During late 2020, I was approached with an opportunity in creating branding assets for a single/multiplayer mobile game called Nexo. This is the second public mobile game project I have worked on, the first being Gravipult back in 2019. Nexo has just released and is available for free on the Google Play store.

The gameplay of Nexo is inspired by Noughts & Crosses and can be played offline and online. The competitive main aim of Nexo is to keep creating rows in the central board (featuring a 10x10 grid) and continue building up your score as you do so. As opposed to Tic-Tac-Toe or Connect-Four, you can create connected rows of over 3 and 4 spaces. Each space you claim on the main board gives you a point; there are also five bonus spaces and bombs that you need to keep aware of as you play.

When designing both the main versions of the logo used in the game (line and square), it was important bringing in a modern element of style. Since this game serves as a new take on a classic game formula, I wanted to make a logo that appeared dynamic and sleek, with hints of sci-fi futurism. The "E" featured in this logo is meant to convey this modern quality, while also being similar to a hamburger menu, which is a user interface element featured in many mobile games and sites. The letters of the logo don't belong to any particular font, since I made them out of custom shapes in Adobe Illustrator. While I didn't make most of the remaining graphics of the game, I helped plan the layout and colour scheme. As seen in my colour variations below, the blue used in the fifth iteration (second-to-last image) is similar to the main colours used in the final product. The game is out now and I'm very proud of its development and release.

Original App Icon

Featured in-game

Colour Concepts

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