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A booklet featuring different artistic representations of the common squirrel.

During my time practising my design skills with the online Calarts courses, I was tasked to create a booklet featuring various visual representations of any photographic subject I wanted. This creative freedom helped make this particular project as fun as it was.

Seeing how I live in an area that can be full of wildlife (such as seagulls, squirrels and foxes), I chose an animal as my research subject. I eventually selected the squirrels found in the nearby park as the focus of this booklet. I then used as many visual styles (such as sketch, cartoon and typographic) as I could to add as much variety to representing this animal. The representations ranged from realistic to abstract.

Pictured left is the full collection of the images I made for this assignment, featured at the top. The booklet I created uses these images in different layouts to represent visual differences. These contrasts made the visual difference of the squirrel pictures stand out even more. I enjoyed experimenting with these representations and I would love to do more work like this.

Featured here is a sample of my booklet.

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