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Concept art & design for an RPG monster.

To coincide with the near-Halloween release of CESSPOOL, I contributed to the game by making artwork of a mutated creature (to match the apocalyptic setting), inpired by skeleton and fire designs. My monster design, known as the "Porcupyro" in the game, is a rare monster found in CESSPOOL, through random encounters when exploring the wasteland. I came up with the design and spoke with the developer to have it included in the final game.

CESSPOOL is a pixel-based role playing game set in a bleak, post-apocalyptic environment, inspired by the Earthbound game series. The main heroes must travel to the centre of this world and unravel the story in different ways, depending on player actions in their respective playthroughs. I sketched the Porcupyro and made more sleek, colourful versions in Illustrator.

The final version of the game utilises the red variation I drew for the Porcupyro, which is more than thematically appropriate for the desert environment you predominantly find it in.

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