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Design and branding concepts for a heartrate app for pets.

Earlier this year, I took part in another set of courses from the California Arts Institute. This time, however, I decided to practise my skills in User Interface and User Experience (UI and UX, respectively).

This particular course, Visual Elements of User Interface Design, offered a variety of design briefs for different phone apps. We were meant to choose one of these briefs and expand on it in a unique way.

Out of all the available design briefs (heartbeat monitor, musical instrument tuner, digital microscope and food locator app), I decided to create a set of mockups for an iOS app that could measure the heartrate of any animal you put your phone up against. For the final assignment of this course, I had to design the logo, some UI elements and two major screens in the process of checking the pulse of an animal (pictured left).

Through this course, I was able to gain more insight into how to effectively tie different UI elements together to create a seamless user experience. Maintaining the element of consistency throughout the designs I produced helped earn high marks from assignment.

Featured here is the final PDF I submitted for this assignment. On average, my final grade for this course was 98.10%.


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