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Artwork and website for an airline cabin crew themed podcast series.

While I was carrying out freelance work, I was given the chance to design the cover for Not Just Crew!, led by host Trevor Jenkins. This series focuses on the lives and activities of cabin crew staff, highlighting that they are more than their job.

Not Just Crew! details the lives of many, including that of Matt Dockray, a Covid-19 survivor who discusses his harrowing experience with the virus and how it affected his life. His story is one of the significant, inspiring examples, detailed by key guests who feature in this podcast.

I used Adobe Illustrator for this project. Since the podcast is airline-themed, I featured images of cabin crew inside airplane windows. The exclaimation point was put next to "Not Just" to emphasise that the speakers are more than staff.

Trevor got back to me later in the year to ask about my web design services. I helped him set up and build This site is a virtual Christmas marketplace for not just former cabin crew, but all types of businesspeople to make their names and products more visible. This site gained a lot of positive feedback and attention, leading to it even becoming featured on a BBC News TV broadcast.

I used Shopify to set up the site. The process involved me adapting quickly and effectively with a new e-commerce platform, while bringing in familiar web design skills I had gained from my work and education.

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