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Short promotional videos for a law podcast.

I was referred to a new client who provided an interesting subject matter that was new to my portfolio – professional, legal advice.

This advice is provided by Legal Talent Solutions Guru Rob Hanna. His new venture, The Legally Speaking Podcast, which he hosts and organises, offers a dynamic and engaging window into the world of law. He releases a new episode weekly. My main work here has been producing audiograms (short promotional videos) for the podcast. These audiograms have been prominently featured on Legally Speaking's Instagram page.

An excellent addition to his already captivating work is his use of guest speakers, of which there are many. The main point of my audiograms is to promote the weekly episodes, especially those in which Rob brings on guests. I mainly used Adobe After Effects to bring these videos to life. I'm particularly proud of the kinetic typography, in the form of each episode's title, which varies every week. I also added extra effects and elements surrounding the guest speaker's videos, such as moving bars and subtitles.

The images on the left only cover a few of the wide variety of professional speakers, including Judge Robert Bacharach, who was personally nominated and appointed as United States Circuit Judge for the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit by Barrack Obama.

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