Robin Osolinski's Design Portfolio
Leaf-based word cloud designs.

For the first submission of 2021, I went for a project with a more natural, environmental theme than most of my other works.

Word cloud designs have always intrigued me and I wanted to create a couple of designs that tie into an always-relevant topic: the environment. I wanted to help raise awareness of this subject and many of the keywords associated with nature and climate.

As with many of my graphic design projects, I went with Adobe Illustrator to arrange the words I collected into this shape. With the alternate design I made (see below), I wanted to experiment with placing text along paths, which is not what I usually do in my work. This particular design puts more emphasis on the many "re-" words that are linked with the environment at large. I enjoyed trying word layouts and colours linked with this key topic and I look forward to doing more!


Alternate design

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