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Pixelart character and armour sets inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.

During lockdown, I found myself practising different art styles and hobbies. An activity that I'd often share with friends was Dungeons & Dragons. I have always found myself immersed and fascinated in the stories and settings that came from playing D&D.

This is why I created a set of races and armours in a retro-gaming graphics style. This particular artstyle is very nostalgic to me and brings me back to older games where I also found myself spending several hours playing. I wanted to combine this retro art style with D&D as a means of combining my nostalgia with a relatively new interest. I am always happy to expand on my subject matter and material.

All of the characters and armour pieces on the left fit into the main setting of Dungeons & Dragons as the races and classes you can play as. The armour pieces were all made for different sizes (regular, dwarf, gnome/halfling) to fit the sprites of different characters. These sprites could be used as icons that playes could have to visualise the characters that they play in the D&D campaigns and settings they interact with.

This is the first time I have ever used Adobe Illustrator as a tool for drawing pixel artwork. I may go ahead and use it more for this purpose in the future, possibly in creating more sprites for this project or creating retro graphics, such as backgrounds and other characters.


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