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Restaurant website mockups for a churro delivery service.

This was the final Calarts UI/UX project I took part in. During this course (Wireframes to Mockups), I was tasked to design a set of finalised visual mockups for a restaurant that could deliver any type of food/drink to a given area. I could also choose whether to make a full set of desktop or mobile concepts.

After sketching out several concepts for restaurants, I came up with the idea of a churro delivery service based in Bournemouth, England. I made mockups for not only general pages on the website, but also the full ordering process as it would appear (see PDF below).

I was able to learn more about how to properly preview different UI elements on desktop and mobile screens (and account for how different objects scale between screen sizes). This helped create an accurate and tidy view of the planned website, which was incredibly well-received. I learned a lot from not only this CalArts course, but the ones that preceded it.

Featured here is the final PDF I submitted for this course. I received full marks from every task this course had to offer, making my final grade 100%.

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