Robin Osolinski's Design Portfolio
Video Production for a self-help and empowerment podcast.

For this project, I was approached by Business Strategist, Mentor, Speaker and Former Immigration Judge Taron Puri.

The Chai Chat Podcast, presented by him and his co-host and friend Steve Harvey, is dedicated to finding out the best ways of succeeding over anxiety, stress, confusion and fear. This is to help the listener find a place of true self-empowerment, freedom, and fun!

I was tasked with producing and editing the video episodes. I was given exclusive footage recorded by Taron and Steve's team, while being part of discussions with them and also creating a new introduction segment for the episodes.

The images on the left are from various segments of the new intro (fearturing voiceover narration). There are two variations – with and without live-action stock footage interspersed among the various animated segments. This was made by me on After Effects to tie in with the voiceover audio. The 12 episodes are available on YouTube and you can learn more about the podcast here.



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