Robin Osolinski's Design Portfolio
Mockups for a social media app for artists and designers.

The second CalArts UI/UX course I took part in was called UX Design Fundamentals. This course was more practical and it gave me new, first-hand experience with the online prototyping platform Invision. With free access, I was able to create one prototype for my assignment.

My assignment for this course had me creating graphics as well as a functional prototype for a hypothetical app of my own choosing. I decided to create mockups for an iOS app that would allow creative minds to shared their work and apply for different creative opportunities, using a search field or GPS map.

The last assignment in this course gave me much more knowledge in how to plan, design and create an app mockup. I found Invision very intuitive and easy to use as I produced my final work on it.

You can access my functional prototype here. The full PDF I used to detail my app premise can be found here. On average, my final grade for this course was 94.80%.


Other graphic design projects

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