Robin Osolinski's Design Portfolio
Branding material for a hypothetical coral conservation company.

The final assignment I took part in during my online short courses was to invent a hypothetical brand, complete with a history, slogan, mockups and a full brand development guide. I had complete freedom in deciding what this company does and how they appear in branding.

CoraLife was the brand I came up with. The company itself focuses on preserving and building coral reefs around the world. This was why it was important to represent this company in a balanced, ecological style. With the thought and attention the mission of the company deserved, I made an extensive, landscape guide showing how the brand developed throughout the time of the project.

With this work, I achieved a peer-graded assessment of 100% and I am incredibly proud of what I've created throughout this project.

Featured here is my full brand development guide for CoraLife.

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